Drinks stay ice cold for 24 hrs and hot for 12 hours


- Keko is a double wall vacuum insulated bottle, so there's no glass liner to break.


-Made from a custom blended, nonporous stainless steel.  Therefore it does not retain flavors like coffee or tea and does not taste like metal.  To clean it, just put a bit of soapy water in and shake, rinse with a custom- Keko is made of freshwater.  That’s it, no need to use a bottlebrush.


- BPA free and does not sweat.


- We've put a Keko filled with ice in the oven at 150 degrees and after 24 hours it still had some ice left in it.  Perfect to leave in your hot car all day or a hot sandy beach and still have an icy beverage.


- If you have a standard icemaker at home, Keko was designed for your ice cubes.

Our 26oz bottle holds an entire bottle of wine or 2 beers.



- All Keko products come with a Lifetime warranty.

Free Sports Lid with purchase of 2 or more bottles!!

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